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MLS Coaches lit

We supply a range of products for lighting G1 locos, brake vans and coaches.

Our Mk1 coach lighting kits are designed for quick fitting to the Accucraft G1 coaches (formally G1MRC).

G1 coach lihgting kit3

This picture shows the no.3 kit for the BSK brake second at £35.00.

To install you only need to remove the coach body, drill three holes and fit the kit. There is no soldering required.

We also have a no.2 kit which is also for the BSK but without the tail light and the no.1 kit for the SK Second corridor both at £25.00 .

Instructions for the Mk1 lighting kits – please note these are quite large files.

Mk1 SK – No. 1 lighting kit

Mk1 BSK – No. 2 lighting kit

Mk1 BSK – N0. 3 lighting kit

If you want to fit lighting to other makes of coaches or vans then use the Standard Coach Lighting kit – £12.00. This kit requires some soldering.

Instructions for standard Coach Lighting kit