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MLS rolling roads are robust and designed for testing both steam and electric locomotives. The two sides are electrically isolated and the rolling road is fitted with a pair of wires for connecting to a transformer.

To choose the correct rolling road, think about your largest loco…how many driving wheels does it have? Does it have bogie wheels and a tender?

The example pictured shows a 4-6-2 Pacific class loco with a tender.

The correct rolling road for this is the Roller tester 3LS (ROLL3LS), giving you three pairs of rollers for the driving wheels.

The “L” is the LONG track section for the trailing bogies and tender and the “S” is the short section of track for the leading bogie.

An 0-6-0 tank engine would only require a roller tester 3 (ROLL3).

If you decide later that you need an additional set of rollers these can be bought separately and added to the rolling road.

Please note: the larger rolling roads are sent by carrier and may take 3 or 4 days to arrive.

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