Palethorpes Sausage 6 wheel van – KIT



At the turn of the 19th/20th century Palethorpes claimed to be the world’s largest sausage maker, and in 1936 the LMS built 8 vans for exclusive use by Palethorpes. The Tipton (near Birmingham) factory was rail connected and vans would be loaded daily then taken and attached to scheduled passenger trains for fast delivery of the product to customers around the UK. The colourful vans were finally replaced after 30 years by road transport in the mid-60s, by which time the “Royal Cambridge” on the sides had been replaced by “Pork Sausages”. Our kit comes with the decals for both the LMS or BR periods.

These Northern Fine Scale models (1:32) are made using our perfected CNC milled styrene components embellished with injection moulded detail parts and vacuum formed roofs. The 6-wheel underframe is simple and effective and tolerates quite uneven track. The kits are complete except for paint and adhesive solvent and include the OneBits Palethorpes decals.

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For a PDF of the instructions click here.


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